Demolition Lovers (Kellic) (Boyxboy)

Demolition Lovers (Kellic) (Boyxboy)

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Have you ever just sat and looked at a fire? Admired its beauty and how the flames flicker, either from a fireplace, campfire, or lighter. You just want to reach out and touch its beauty but if you touch it you quickly retract your hand.
What about ice? The snowflakes falling to the ground each one having it's own beautiful pattern. The icicles hanging that look like crystal. But if you touch it, it melts.

That was Kellin and Vic. Kellin couldnt reach out and touch the beauty of Vic. Vic couldn't touch the beauty of Kellin either. Heck, they were born and destined to dislike and destroy each other.

Kellin Quinn was born on the side of ice. He wasn't raised to be fearless and he certainly wasnt raised to help his side when fire attacked. One day he was forced to go defend his side but he wasnt expecting to meet a certain someone named Vic.

Vic Fuentes. Born to fire. He was raised to destroy any members of ice. Leading the side of fire on its attack on ice. Vic spots a boy. Kellin.

Vics hair is so pretty, I know that seems weird but I mean I love when it curls and GOd yEa
Oh my god, I was reading the second part of this story without knowing its was a sequel, and I was at the middle of the story when I realized "fûck, it's a sequel !" 
                              And then I'm here to read the first part XD
Easy enough for Pete he can just fight everyone with eyeliner
SwiggitySwagEmoDads SwiggitySwagEmoDads Aug 12, 2015
You could say he's being...raised liKE A PHEONIX *fall out boy runs in*
daddycabelloo daddycabelloo Jul 06, 2015
no periods at the end of the sentence bother me , omg my ocd