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The Truth that was kept Secret (Naruto fanfic)

The Truth that was kept Secret (Naruto fanfic)

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Sarcastic Asshole By crartistic Completed

Fuyu Namikaze, daughter of the fourth Hokage, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki. When she's five, the attack on the village by the Nine Tails happens and her parents are killed. For the six years after, she lived thinking that her brother who was yet to be born died too. When she meets Naruto Uzumaki, she starts to question things and asks the Hokage. The Hokage tells her that she should keep the fact that she's his sister a secret, but will she be able to keep that a secret? 

I do not own any of the Naruto characters. I only own my OC's. The Naruto characters belong to Masashi Kishimoto and TV Tokyo!

In the ninja world, they train their asses off, while in the real world, we laugh our asses off (LMAO)
OuranHostGirl OuranHostGirl Oct 09, 2016
I'm confused if she was 5 when her mom was pregnant then she met naruto when she was 11 then why are they at the chunin exams when she is 14 and naruto is 9 he entered when he was like 12 or 13
Midori.... I see what you did there... Midori means green and he has green eyes and green hair 😏
middlechild274 middlechild274 Sep 03, 2015
This is my first time reading a Naruto fanfic that involves an OC and a sibling of Naruto. It's good, I'm going to read more.
crartistic crartistic Jun 25, 2015
@JanaCaione Haha, I didn't know that XD and thnx for the compliment!
JanaCaione JanaCaione Jun 25, 2015
Just saying but Kai is like the boy version of me , literally he is . The hair , skin , eyes and even the freckles , I get those from my dad and the eyes too . It's sorta funny that you basically described my appearance without even knowing , anyhow , I love the book . It's great so far