Friends With The Bionics: Season 4 (Lab Rats)

Friends With The Bionics: Season 4 (Lab Rats)

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Zoey Valentine has been through more than any sixteen-year-old girl should for the past two years of her life. And she's loved every minute of it. She's gone from Mission Creek High's bad girl, to the Davenport's best friend (who keeps their bionic secret, mind you), to Chase's girlfriend and the Davenport's friend, to the next bionic girl, and finally, to a student at the Davenport Bionic Academy. 

Join Zoey on her adventures as she tries to maneuver a life with her bionics, bionic friends, a bionic boyfriend, and a whole new school. Oh, and not to mention facing emanate death (again)!

Yeah, and you thought being a normal teenager was hard. 

IT'S SEASON 4 OF LAB RATS! All rights go to their respective owners!

SoniSmily SoniSmily Jul 10
Hey listen u also reads crazy track its awesome I am ur big fan read this story crazy track and innocent girls r rocking😊
She had dirt she could blackmail Perry with so she wouldn't get in trouble
Because of there secret and they didn't want her parents asking about Adam Bree and Chase
Zoey told them about why she wasn't Stephanie's friend anymore.
                              Chase was when he first became Spike.
                              Leo's was when his dad left. (I've always wondered about that.)
                              Adam was when the first went into the first lab.
                              Bree's was when she tried to leave the lab at the age 11.
I've literally been binge reading this whole series and it's amazballs
To be honestly I missed eddy more than perry! (eddy was my spirit animal)