It was an Evening

It was an Evening

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The weird girl in the library. By IceCreamLovers_Unite Completed

It was an evening, couldn't get drunk,

Sitting on the couch we found at the dump.

Life's too hard to continue this dream

Take my hand, feel my heart beat.

So when it's over and done with,

You and I, we both, we love this

We pretend like we're used to it.

But this is just the beginning,

Winning, taking shots, sinking;

My head hurts, bleeding;

Going to die, feelings.

Don't forget we're  young and dumb.

Cops ain't coming, but we're going to run.

For the fun, for the thrill,

Up and down, like a hill

Take a drink, try not to spill.

Hate my role, feel my soul,

We're living fast, we will let go!

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