Pinewood Academy ✔ // Sex Academy (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

Pinewood Academy ✔ // Sex Academy (UNDER MAJOR EDITING)

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#1 in the Sex Academy Series 

Julie's dad had always wanted the best for his little girl, so he decides to sent her to a top-class boarding school. Julie gets excited and starts packing 2 months before she is meant to fly there! Little do Julie and her dad know that 'Pinewood Academy' is actually a sex academy.

Please don't read this book if you feel you might be disturbed by themes of the following; suicide, abuse, rape.

I love u like you are the equivalent of food. Sorry I am weird but food is like the one thing I will love more than life
I have a question....... are you updating Amelia Wright ? Jk jk...... sorry if i was a bother
Ladybug-03 Ladybug-03 Jun 09
does anybody know which chapters have to do with the rape/suicide? Because I get triggered very easily and I do not want to be surprised in a bad way.
siriuslywyd siriuslywyd May 22
it says sex academy in the title nobody can get mad at you for including sex
YreneCaron YreneCaron Apr 04
Your The best book writer just ignore Dem haters be you 😊
Well..... if I get a favorite character and you kill them off I am leaving and not sharing