Were all the same, firecracker. (Lydia Martin and Klaus Mikealson)

Were all the same, firecracker. (Lydia Martin and Klaus Mikealson)

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Laur By literallylauren_ Updated Nov 18, 2017

Lydia Martin moves to New Orleans after having enough in Beacon Hills, she wants a new life, to forget her past. She's lived for the last two years with supernatural creatures, she's one herself, a banshee. 

Two years after moving to New Orleans Lydia has made new friends; Marcel, Danvina and Hayley but what happens when Marcel's old friend ends up in town?

Torn between her past and her present, Lydia has to make some tough decisions she doesn't necessarily want to make which could turn her into a completely new person. 

Old friends and new friends, Lydia must find a way to face the problems of New Orleans.

Cover: @capillary

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hpandft hpandft Sep 01, 2017
Gloria's bar is in Chicago. I read alot of stories and they always make this mistake! Great story tho
hoodveer hoodveer Jul 07, 2016
Just a quick question what season of teen wolf is this between and has Lydia gone to Eichen House yet ( I hate that place )
hazlenut_icecream hazlenut_icecream Jul 05, 2016
Tҽcɧŋɩcaɭɭʏ ʏɷųɾ ŋɷt a ɧųmaŋ ʏɷųɾ a banchee
beautifulrenegade00 beautifulrenegade00 Jul 03, 2016
Girl your screams can severely injure and kill people and if the author included this in the story you learned how to fight. I think your good
touboche_nahla touboche_nahla Dec 24, 2015
But aren't you a banshee? Your scream could probably kill them.
TyraLiburd TyraLiburd Aug 21, 2015
Did i just read that correctly ? Lydia Martin in converse?!?!