The time i kissed the physic vampire computer geek....

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Emma LouAnn By EmmaLou17 Updated 5 years ago
I used to think vampires were hundred year old dead people that sucked innocent people dry of their blood....but then everything changed. Turns out THEY are the innocent people. And they just want our thoughts and memories to keep them alive. And i found myself wanting to keep them alive. Cause I feel in love with two of them.
@dancingyoyo1998 -pouts-its been 5 days.1 day is my limit more and i get obssesed with the story.O.O Upload soon!
@dancingyoyo1998 lol.ugh me too,last year i had to wake up at 6 in the morning just to wait or the scared to think what time i had to wake up this time >.>
@dancingyoyo1998 -.- ugh,i hate mornings.its like 1 in the afternoon when i can actually get up from bed.
HOOOLLLYYYYYY SHIZZLEZ! I LOVE THIS ! upload as quick as you can or ill come and find you! (does that sound stakerish?) LOL im hooked please upload ! and tell me when you do ...and please read my story changing for the better <3