One Shots

One Shots

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Mikey Roulette By KillEmAll666 Updated Apr 23, 2014


'Ah what a better place to be on a Halloween night.' The strange pale blonde haired man thought, sitting on a roof of a rich mans tomb. His legs crossed, boots dangling off the ledge. 'What a beautiful cool crisp night.' He thought.

Halloween night was his favourite to hunt on. The best night to come out and walk around as himself. To be able to walk among the living. Able to have his teeth out just the way he liked it. He loved it!

He heard laughter about a half a meter away from the cemetery gates. He looked to where the laughing came from. He saw a couple of teenagers, dressed in black clothing, pale skin and blacked out eyes with inverted crosses, lips black. The sight made him smirk. "Finally, I can play." The man said loud enough only he could hear. 'I'll wait 'til they get further in, give 'em a scare.'

He hoped off the roof top. The long black coat that he was wearing made a 'swoosh' noise on his way down, landing softy on the earth, without a sound. He had to pull up...

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