The Diary of the Devil

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Tina By VoiceThief Updated 3 years ago
The only way Greyson Skinuth could begin to describe his long time bully is as the devil. The devil is supposedly the most evil creature in all of the universe. And that is Max Callers. 
    Max and Greyson hate each other. They're enemies, prey and predator, bait and fish, complete opposites. Greyson is tall and skinny, loves photography and piercings, and lives life by avoiding his bully. Max is... a girl.
    Max is evil, aggressive, judgemental, sexist, cruel, and confused. She can't sort out her feelings and emotions. She gets angry easily and takes it out on everyone around her. Her neighbor, Greyson, in particular.
    All hell breaks loose when Greyson and Max find themselves being paired up by the new Creative Writing teacher who thinks she can settle the fued between the two rivals. Every teacher has tried. Every teacher has failed. And when Greyson mysteriously finds Max's diary shoved into his book bag, he has to choose whether to return it to her, no matter the consequences, or read it and absorb all her deepest, darkest secrets.
    Her diary holds information that Greyson would never suspect. And if he uses the power of blackmail to its full extent, will he finally be able to dominate Max Callers?
Love the way you write it. You describe the characters so well! You definitely have major talent. So glad you are unleashing it!
This story is  amazing!! I love it ! You are very talented. Please upload soon! <3 <3 :)
woww, max is mean! i like how you've shown her character so well through your words. love it :)
Whoa the story is AMAZING. Your use of description is quite vivid and easy to imagine, I especially like the character descriptions, adds a lot of personality and your use of dialogue also enhances them! So formal I know *smiles proudly* 
Really really good first chapter. I think this is going to be one of my favourite stories. I have never read a story like this before, the story-line is amazing and I think this story has great potential. Keep up this good work, and upload more soon please. 
This is awesome. :) I love how he just barged into her class and yelled at her, lol.