Bully Hetalia Oneshots

Bully Hetalia Oneshots

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Hi there! You must want to read some bully! Hetalia x victim! Reader? Well friend, you've come to the right book! Inside are many one shots of the hetalia cast being some Nasty school bullies. Do you dare read?

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Ivan-Braginsky Ivan-Braginsky Jun 28, 2016
XD Jeez Prussia. I would have been fine with you being my stalker (seeing as someone cares enough to stalk me) and even if you asked me out and then everyone hated us, i wouldn't care. As long as you had happiness life is good.
YaoiShipper69 YaoiShipper69 Jun 12, 2016
Nah it was  too late for that i already collapsed in the middle of the road and got ranovr by a truck
currentlycumming currentlycumming Jul 09, 2016
how may grades are there in this school system unless as s they we're held back for a long time they shouldn't be in school this long
_Demon_Godess_Aisha_ _Demon_Godess_Aisha_ Nov 27, 2016
I've-been-a-total-dickhead-to-this-girl-i-also-have-a-crush-on cliche
AtashaAndreos AtashaAndreos Aug 26, 2016
dude your like trying to love someone but others are like no so your like saving your reputation
RandomAuthoress RandomAuthoress Jul 25, 2016
Tsk. You idiot. Tbh though, irl I'd probably give you a second chance. Or you know, five.