Does He Know? || Jace Norman

Does He Know? || Jace Norman

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Leah Ingrid Robinson is a normal girl from California, she gets bullied by a guy name Jace Norman and a lot more people from school.

A little someone had to stay at her place for a couple of months or years and she finally did something to make Jace not hate on her. 

They both had something special and something horrible happened.

Read to find out!!

Well isn't she a bitch I'm pretty sure everyone wants her to die
This bïtch better bippity boppity back the FÜCK up before I beat her the fück up
Its true.
                              I need to die.
                              I don't deserve a place on this earth..😞
save_meh save_meh Jul 24
Well crissy acting all bitchy. Ur birth certificate is an apology letter from the condom factory.
a_xdre a_xdre May 30
Ok I would rant about this and how I'm clean now but I'm tired and not down for that so let's just pretend she's opening letters and think about unicorns
xyana2004x xyana2004x May 23
Omg that's my elementary school best friend her first amd last and thats my last name too