Why Me? ( bullied by Luke Hemmings)

Why Me? ( bullied by Luke Hemmings)

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Raeesah By Rice_Coffee Updated Feb 14, 2017

"What have I done to you?"

 "Nothing at all."

 "Then why all this? why make me go through hell!"
Clair Valentines is a girl whose life is nothing but an twisted roller coaster, you never know what to expect. 

Luke Hemmings is a boy whose goal is to make this one girls life a living hell, little does he know words cut deeper than a knife.

With a lot of tears and punches Clair has had enough, so she does what she does best;  run.

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MichaelsLeftFoot MichaelsLeftFoot Jun 19, 2017
Luke: *bullies girl for no reason*
                              Clair: WHAT DO YOU WANT LUKE
                              Luke: For you to get a life
                              Clair: ..
                              Michael: ...
                              Calum: ...
                              Ashton: ...
                              Obama: ...
                              Liz: *gets knife out*
stxnbrough stxnbrough Feb 07, 2017
6'3 that's hilarious, he's like 6'5 now he's so freaking tall, at least I'm above his shoulder though
muke_for_lifey muke_for_lifey Sep 24, 2016
When I read this I said to myself 'don't get cocky with me bìtch' 😂
lolfood5002 lolfood5002 Feb 05, 2017
I would have thrown up on him and while he's distracted kick him in the nuts