Book 1: Don't Leave me Again!

Book 1: Don't Leave me Again!

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"Don't leave me again"

Naomi Uchiha,

The Uchiha clan princess, 
The little sister of Itachi and Sasuke Uchiha,
The sole female surviver of the Uchiha Massacre.

Who will accept her when the massacre happened just a few months after she was born? 

She doesn't know the love of a mother or father very much, has little memory of the important people in her life and had a sour brother who won't care for her like a true brother should.

But she has one thing...........

The Will of Fire burning deep in her heart, the ability to see the good and bad in people.

All original characters don't belong to me only the main and other ones I've created. Most pictures I got off google.

Wait, so was it just the normal or mongekyo? It says the normal and the mongekyo..... I'm so confused
Aisylin Aisylin Nov 22
When I first look at the cover to this story....
                              . DAMMÌT ITACH, YOU ARE NOT BATMAN!
Lucy10150 Lucy10150 Jan 30
Thinking about it makes me cry. Itachi was such a kind soul. So sad.
I f*cking started crying when I looked at the picture 😭😭😭
How is this no unusual for Sauske?! Your baby sister holds the sharingan that YOU don't even have, and she is one of the first known ladies in the Uchiha clan to have it? How is this not making him go crazy?
The cove reminds me of a quote from Budha, "Some feel the rain... Others just get wet,"