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The Hunter's Last Words

The Hunter's Last Words

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Olivia By seer-oflight Updated Apr 11

Kimberley Blackwood had been a normal, average highschool student, up until she met the one and only Dean Winchester. A romance bloomed between the two of them, and the beginnings of love blossomed. However, after two demons kidnapped Dean, Sam, and Kim's sister, Becca, it was up to Kim to save them all. The demons didn't expect her to win the fight, and she almost didn't. But, she pulled through, barely. Afterward, the Winchester family up and left. Now, ten years later, Kim is on her own, a hunter in her own right. On one of her hunting cases, she meets up again with the Winchesters. One question rings through Kim's mind as she sets off to hunt with them: will everything she's worked for, and everything her life has lead to, pay off? Or will she break under the weight of everything on her shoulders?

This is a sequel to the wattpad book The Hunter's Girl.

When you're so happy you cry tears of joy and then your mom looks at you with concern.
Ivy4714 Ivy4714 Apr 19
Omg I love theese stories Please write more chapters don't give up on writing. You have a gift and you should keep it don't inore it.
Is she using Taylor momsens name or am I even thinking of the right person/singer? Lol
Omg I started the first book yesterday and I barely and it was awesome omg I loved it. And I can't wait until this one. Your really good
Legit upon reading this I cried like no john you little aśśhole shîthead nononononono
I wonder how she will react when she figures out Sam was fed demons blood when he was a baby! (So random!)