How It's Supposed To Be

How It's Supposed To Be

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❁He broke down walls without her even noticing . And when he rebuilt those walls, he added windows to let the sun shine in. ❁

Sixteen-year-old Abigail Hastings is just an average girl with a smart tongue, using her sarcasm and wit as a way to conceal the pain.  The pain from her mothers death, the hurt from her heart break, and the torment and guilt her father puts her through. 

Abigail is just trying to move through life, but when seventeen-year-old Jackson Henderson gets in her way, things start to get complicated, because to Abigail, Jackson is more than just the school's most notorious bad boy-he is someone she despises with all of her heart, someone who she knows is bad news for her.

Despite Abigail's hatred of the school's biggest player, something keeps bringing them closer together-when Jackson becomes the one person who opens up parts of her no one else could, Abigail is forced to discover that sometimes life isn't always about the happy endings, but the story that ties everything together.
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KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett May 19, 2016
Lol so I decided to start right at the beginning 😉 1st day back @ School lol xx
? by being hungry? i know you're being sarcastic but like???
KhiKhiBennett KhiKhiBennett May 19, 2016
I so identify with this monologue xx this is going to be a wonderful book I wont be able to put down xx
solacing solacing Jan 06, 2016
Hey, nice chapter. I'm not really into the whole bad boys thing so this isn't what I normally read, but it was also pretty funny and entertaining. Nice work!
GinMartini GinMartini Aug 15, 2015
The opening chapter is really lively.  Your characters are engaging and I want to get to know them better. Good job