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Reynico story, just as you guys asked.

It's not a sequel to Demigod Diaries, but it is a Reynico story.

After the war, Nico and Reyna didn't really keep in touch. They drifted apart. Nico had suicidal thoughts again and hurt himself. Reyna became hard as stone and didn't listen to anyone. They were both ruthless. But when they are paired up to teach an amateur sword fighting class, they become tight again. Will Nico's early death attempts get in the way of their relationship, or will it bring them together? 

And here's a little part that may or may not be included in the book:

'You know, Reyna, I'm actually glad. Glad that this coincident ever happened. That they thought we still talked to each other because here we are now.'

'I'm glad, too. I... I love you, Nico.'

'I love you, too. You make me feel... Different. Different from others. That's what we are. Everyone's all happy, but we're different.'

'Yeah.' Nico kissed Reyna one more time before they both went to their cabins.

otaku___trash otaku___trash Mar 14, 2015
Wow guys I didn't think you would read my story this quickly.....
                              I'll update.
                              Happy pi day!!
Hurryup1 Hurryup1 Mar 13, 2015
Holy Hephaestus. Please update soon, this is really good so far!