Frozen (Naruto Fanfic)

Frozen (Naruto Fanfic)

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Neglect, abuse and torture as the first memories he had of the village, Naruto grew up in cold apathy - appropriate for his hyoton bloodline - with only a few people to feel any sort of emotional attachment. And even with them, he rarely display genuine emotions.

He grew up with only one goal in mind, get stronger to be able to protect himself and those whom he cared about. Protecting Konoha is just a bonus in the long run.

NOTE: Strong!Naruto. Slight AU. Mentions (implied or direct) of Slash.

SEQUEL: Steel (Naruto Fanfic)

Epic_PrincessD Epic_PrincessD Dec 21, 2016
The kindest people are usually blind because they see only the good in people. Which is why, I try to be kind only on the outside to not let anyone take advantage of me ever again.
This is the second time I'm gonna read this book and then the third time for the second one. LOVIN IT~~~~~  (❁´ω`❁)
                              This book is gonna be the death of me 
Epic_PrincessD Epic_PrincessD Dec 21, 2016
You'd think they'd have enough decency not to scar their own child with their cheers while hunting down someone their age... Sigh... I have already lost fate in humanity but this one makes me loses fate even more...
All through the pain and suffering, Naruto still retained his child like demeanor. Although it may be shown to only certain people, it is good to know he still is able to hope, wish, and grow.
Okay am I the only one wondering why everyone is giving out their birthdays like candy?
This is my third time reading this and my stomach drops everytime