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Frozen (Naruto Fanfic)

Frozen (Naruto Fanfic)

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Misfit's Domain By LectorDominion Completed

Neglect, abuse and torture as the first memories he had of the village, Naruto grew up in cold apathy - appropriate for his hyoton bloodline - with only a few people to feel any sort of emotional attachment. And even with them, he rarely display genuine emotions.

He grew up with only one goal in mind, get stronger to be able to protect himself and those whom he cared about. Protecting Konoha is just a bonus in the long run.

NOTE: Strong!Naruto. Slight AU. Mentions (implied or direct) of Slash.

SEQUEL: Steel (Naruto Fanfic)

Everything is done for a reason sweetie.  Maybe...  They want these experiences To Help you get stronger.  Although I must say that sometime the world portrays it the wrong way making the worst outcome.  But then again. My cousin,  Kami as you call her is stupid.
There is no humanity sweetie.  Why don't you come to Aunt Mari here in hell.  And then we'll kill them.  Okay sweetie?  It'll all be fine.  Everyone here is insane!  And u will fit in just well.
I've always been the hunter not the other way.  So why do I feel like the prey (prey,  prey)
Ya sure he's not blind because of those forbidden books he read? *look at the third's secret stash* OF GOD I'M BLIND!!
And old enough to accompany him being blind.  And y not order ANBU guards to guard him and stop villagers and also announce his heritage and have cards protect him from attacks from,  Iwa, or wbatevs.
This is the second time I'm gonna read this book and then the third time for the second one. LOVIN IT~~~~~  (❁´ω`❁)
                              This book is gonna be the death of me