Drama Life Of Ms.Nerdy

Drama Life Of Ms.Nerdy

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Angelica By BraveAngelGirl Updated Jul 05, 2015

Savannah Brookes goes to Georgetown High school and sadly is a nerd. But does it have to be sad?

The Untouchables: Group of 4 guys involved in all types of things, rich, popular, famous with the girls and most of all; wrapped around Savannah Brooke's finger. 

But everyone has their own secrets. Secrets that bring out the drama in Savannah's once boring life. Join Savannah with a crazy confusing and maybe love story with the Untouchables.

(In the book it doesn't say it, but Savannah has actually gone to Georgetown high school before in Freshman year, but she went to a different school for a couple years and is now back in Senior year)

  • badboy
  • boys
  • crazy
  • drama
  • faint
  • gorgeous
  • hot
  • love
  • model
  • nerd
  • rich
  • untouchables
AlanaAliCorn1 AlanaAliCorn1 Mar 15, 2017
Yes that's 4 guys. 1 you. And 6 seats. There should be a space
FrenchVanillaCoffee FrenchVanillaCoffee Jun 26, 2016
Bruh! I don't like those cars, there way to small for my taste! But that's just my opinion that literally no one needed to hear.....okay I'll just leave now.  *runs into door*
FrenchVanillaCoffee FrenchVanillaCoffee Jun 26, 2016
Or, like the wattpad stories, you could meet a badboy and fall in love and he has a 96% chance of being your neighbour, but that's if this is a cliche wattpad story
Lovesoccer03 Lovesoccer03 Nov 25, 2015
Omggggg  so mean and aluriee I totally can know how she is mean because maybe the people she hangs out with.
dlusby3175 dlusby3175 Nov 06, 2015
it is so interesting I read this because you other two books are so good
fxck_sacha fxck_sacha May 16, 2015
Can the fire department because that burn is going to leave a mark