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Bathtub [Gaara x Reader]

Bathtub [Gaara x Reader]

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ninjaasianweirdo By ninjaasianweirdo Completed

You're Gaaras adopted sister though you don't know about the adoption. One day you persuade Gaara to take a bath with you, since "siblings" do that...
~This will be a short story with 3 parts~

Ummm if you want the kid you adopted to know you're not her real family,you should do it when they are still young.(Like my adoptive family did with me and my real brother)
Being adopted isn't all that bad. Plus I don't think it is that bad for brother and sister to be together. I mean if their both good looking and have suitable genes it wouldn't be that bad in my opinion.
I remember a vine
                              Kid: mommy,how are baby's made
                              Mom: ask your mom
                              Kid: you are my mom
                              Mom: you adopted *walks away*
..............this isn't me,i would be like
                              Me: hell yeah,now I can do this
                              Gaara: do wha- *gets cut off my me kissing him*
                              Me: #lifegoals
I used to share baths with my two brothers too, but now it'd be akward...
I'm not like '*Blushing' like most of theses comments.I just started laughing.