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Forgotten {Vampire knight fanfic} Completed

Forgotten {Vampire knight fanfic} Completed

102K Reads 4.1K Votes 61 Part Story
♡LU♡ By LunaChan_ Completed

(I DO NOT OWN VAMPIRE KNIGHT!!!!) What if Yuki had a younger sister? Well she did and her name was Hope. She was the forgotten child,no one loved her,but Kaname Kuran did.  Will she stay with Kaname or will she love another man? 
The little girl huddled, trying to keep warm. Still the cold touched her body. She was all alone. Her soft cries echoed around the pale room.  The young browned haired girl wiped her new set of tears. The door slowly opened revealing her big brother. He shivered feeling how cold the room was. Rushing to his shivering sister he gently picked her up. "It's ok Hope I'm here now" He said gently. Slowly the girl looked up, she gave him a weak smile. He looked at her mis-matched eyes that were full of so much pain. His heart aches at the sight of the small girl in front of him. "I will always be there for you my little Hope" he told her. "Always" he whispered softly.


xXiFornLeviXx xXiFornLeviXx Jun 23, 2016
I'm already crying just by reading this and i cried even more because the girl had the same name of my dead sister ........ 😞
sehuntherm sehuntherm Jan 26, 2016
                              PROTECT THIS CHILD, CHILD //runs away while yelling zero's name and trying to find him to kidnap him
IceAngelWolf IceAngelWolf Oct 08, 2015
Poor thing
                              No person should be treated like that :(
                              I'm gonna kick Juri's aft!
IceAngelWolf IceAngelWolf Oct 08, 2015
                              Must read
Defender_Of_Justice Defender_Of_Justice Apr 08, 2015
@Luna_Star300 Sorry. I must have missed that part. XD But thanks for clearing that up for me.
LunaChan_ LunaChan_ Apr 08, 2015
@InternetNerd123 Actually no,this is the third siblings. She us the forgotten child. If u read the description, it might help u,thank u for reading