The mate of my dreams?

The mate of my dreams?

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"Mate" he whispers breathlessly. His eyes travels over my face in awe. Then his lips, his beautiful lips, turns into a smirk. "MY mate" he exclaims. The possessive tone in his deep voice sends shivers down my spine. Good shivers. Wonderful shivers of pure pleasure.


Erin is starting to feel like it's time for her to experience some boyfriend drama in her life. She is a sixteen year old warewolf whose number one wish, besides becoming a famous dancer, is to find her perfect mate. The one for her.

People always say: Be careful what you wish for. 

This has never been more true for Erin as she finds out what can happen once your biggest wish has come true...

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moonstone11 moonstone11 Aug 10, 2017
The main character in my book is names Erin! 😏
                              It's gonna be hard not to read this book in her POV 😂😂😂
Fangurllife45 Fangurllife45 Dec 19, 2017
Oh my goddess!!! This was my plot for a story I wrote weeks ago!! Woah! Like I could take a picture and send it to you like that real!!! Holy goddess of moon! This is so awesome!!! Now I can read what I wanted to bring!!
every time i try to dance, i fall flat on my face and every one laughs then i laugh:):
TheLittleBadass TheLittleBadass Nov 16, 2017
I have a secret too...
                              My sister stabbed me in the head with a teddy bear (thinking it was a knife) when i was 6. She just finished watching a movie and apparently there was a scene like this one
im_me_how_bout_u im_me_how_bout_u Aug 11, 2017
Bro when I was 9 you were cool if you had a 100 pack of crayons but they got boyfriends and girlfriends and extra ppl
officiallytragic officiallytragic Apr 30, 2017
ik shes 11 but im bout two seconds from popping this bïtch in the face