Living with the boys

Living with the boys

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bbbbabygurllll By bbbbabygurllll Updated Aug 23

When Kody's parents die in a tragic accident, she is sent to live with her family friends, the Adam's, and their 10 sons.

Her old Florida life is quickly changed, going from cheerleader to football player, and not to mention the new love interests. 

Follow Kody on her adventure of romance, highschool, and of course life changing events.

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This is weird but their is a guy in my class that is bames noah and he is turning 14 this year 😂😂😂😂
naji_mac naji_mac Jun 27, 2017
Wow. That's a terrible way to start a conversation. She ain't even get in the house yet
Whit3_Rabbit Whit3_Rabbit May 11, 2017
In all of these story's most of the time the youngests name is Parker
xogrethanxo14 xogrethanxo14 Apr 15, 2017
You know the story is old when you no longer swipe right instead you press the home button
catsandbooksrlife catsandbooksrlife Jul 05, 2017
You guys do realize one of the 10 boys is 6 years old right?
le_triggered le_triggered Jan 20, 2017
"Just let her down easy"
                              *lets her down hard, making her break all of her bones*