Living with the Adams boys

Living with the Adams boys

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toastedwaffless By toastedwaffless Updated Feb 06

When Kody's parents die in what is told to be a plane crash her whole world comes crumbling down. She is sent to live with her parents best friends from college and their, get this... 

Wait for it...

10 Boys!

And would it be cliche of me to say that they are all extremely hot and drool worthy? Oops, too late...

Small note: there are many mistakes in this book as I did not edit the first few chapters, and the first few chapters are not exactly well thought through so just warning you!

I'm like that I can't help biting my lip but I had a huge over bite so really I always used to bite my lip and now it's just a habit
"Just let her down easy"
                              *lets her down hard, making her break all of her bones*
BlUeRatZZz7866 BlUeRatZZz7866 Dec 10, 2016
What I'm confused about is that her parents just died in a plane crash and she is willing to go on a plane o_O
iiangelaa iiangelaa Feb 10, 2016
yaaaaah really! that is what a girl say after her parents died???? really
danie_noah danie_noah Dec 23, 2015
There are actually 10 boys considering the fact that there are twins