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(book one)
(book two: we never go out of style)

Alan Ashby wasn't exactly a normal guy, but that's what Austin Carlile loved about him.

©amourashby 2015

- - Jul 19, 2016
I got super close to a duck once and it started chasing me and hissing
gameovercarlile gameovercarlile Dec 09, 2016
I hate when people use the word faggot without knowing what that means ugh
gameovercarlile gameovercarlile Dec 09, 2016
I hate ducks I once got attacked by a duck I'm still traumatized and a few days ago a duck bit my brother in his buttcheek and he is 6 years old can you imagine how much he cried
angrynewt angrynewt Nov 29, 2015
If you wanted honesty that's all you had to sayyyy lol MCR anyone
xTheEmpressOfFleshx xTheEmpressOfFleshx Jun 13, 2015
awww, i love gender fluid people!!
                              they make me feel happy and wonderful and they should be happy and wonderful as well. They're just awesome people that should be treated respectfully and should have the right to feel whichever gender whichever day. i want a gender fluid friend :3  ~