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(book one)
(book two: we never go out of style)

Alan Ashby wasn't exactly a normal guy, but that's what Austin Carlile loved about him.

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- - Jul 19, 2016
I got super close to a duck once and it started chasing me and hissing
gameovercarlile gameovercarlile Dec 09, 2016
I hate when people use the word faggot without knowing what that means ugh
gameovercarlile gameovercarlile Dec 09, 2016
I hate ducks I once got attacked by a duck I'm still traumatized and a few days ago a duck bit my brother in his buttcheek and he is 6 years old can you imagine how much he cried
newamericana newamericana Dec 04, 2015
Like if he likes rope or handcuffs.... 
                              Sorry. *walks into trash bin* *waits for garbage truct to take me home*
angrynewt angrynewt Nov 29, 2015
If you wanted honesty that's all you had to sayyyy lol MCR anyone
offensivefave offensivefave Nov 26, 2015
Update: re-reading this book for the 3 time, because cliffhangers