A Captain's Heart

A Captain's Heart

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Zeena By NeverTrustaDuck Completed

When Kalrona guard captain, Hailen Dubhair, has to escort Prince Clarion and Princess Sorra across the country, his fiancée, healer Kaylin Elsia, refuses to be left behind. But Kaylin is hiding a secret that could threaten not just her life, but the lives of those she loves. 

When Kaylin is kidnapped, Hailen must chose between his duty to protect the prince, and his desire to protect his heart. He knows the kidnapping had something to do with him, but he could never imagine just how far back in his past it goes, or just how far her reach spreads. 

The desire for revenge is strong but can Hailen break its hold and protect his family, or will he lose everyone he has ever cared about?

*Sequel to A Healer's Fate and A Witch's Curse, but it had been written so it can be read alone.*

jkbrady jkbrady Jan 07, 2016
Yep.  Glad to be on the new book now.  So good, hard to put down
HansFransen1 HansFransen1 Sep 10, 2015
Great chapter. 
                              Just started reading this story and given the usual awesome quality of your books you will have my attention until I'm up to speed again.
HansFransen1 HansFransen1 Sep 10, 2015
Heart and mind, two completely different worlds / emotions...
Claire-Merle Claire-Merle May 01, 2015
Hi, I haven't read the first book, but I really like this chapter so I think I'll have to go back and check out the first book!
music_reader2013 music_reader2013 Mar 26, 2015
Yes finally! I have been waiting for this for so long!!!! I would like to send you a panda hug but you are too far… and I'm not a panda… Meh. I'll just hug my computer like I'm hugging you *sends screen  hug*
PennyZee PennyZee Mar 21, 2015
Your books were the first that I read when I became a Wattie! So happy that you are continuing this wonderful and incredible series!