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Effie By simplyeffie_ Completed

"Stay away from her!" Damians voice was more like a growl. 
"Jason leave it!" Rachel came up behind us. Jason? Why is he here?  
"No. You stay away from her!" Jason balled his hands into fists and looked like he was trying to keep calm. 
"I saw you hugging her in the hall! How dare you!" Jason just shook his head. "Stay away from my sister! You touch her again I will kill you!"Mr Hawkins came out dragging Damian away from Jason before he could properly lunge for him.
I bet your thinking he's looking after me? 
He wants me to himself.
Noelle Fall is a fifteen year-old girl with a horrific secret. 
Her brother sexually abuses her, beats her before raping her. Every day.
As a new year starts she meets her new English teacher Mr Cruz. Elliot Cruz. 
She falls in love fast but is scared. 
Noelle suffers from Philophobia the fear of falling in love.
Did I mention? Elliot Cruz is falling for her too.
Can she get away from her brother or will it go all too far? Can Elliot and Noelle be happy?

bbarreda bbarreda Jul 07, 2016
The sad part is that most of this things happen within the family, the ones you trust betray you the most.
Snumaira21 Snumaira21 Feb 05
                              Now I remember . Actually this is kinda non fiction .
                              Have you seen in the YouTube ? . The title is " I gave birth to my killer brother's baby " . The difference is the girl in this story is not pregnant . But still she get abuse and raped .
JussLexii JussLexii Apr 09, 2016
@harderhemmo1 LLHHFFHH!! I jus bout to say dat but u already did 😭😂😢😂😢😂😂😭
Kitkatfever Kitkatfever Dec 27, 2016
I just cussed in front of my mom. She's yelling now. 
                              *help me*
Snumaira21 Snumaira21 Feb 05
Well so far so good ,
                              Your vocabulary is simple . Easy to understand .
                              So I don't need to search in the dictionary . 
                              Grammar is also good . Not too mess up
                              Keep up with the good work . PS . I'm not the haters
- - Dec 18, 2015
I liked the build up? Usually stories dive straight into it and reveal the identity of whoever the "villian" is. But you didn't and that created suspense...a promising start!