Podestaria - Kindling (#Wattys2016)

Podestaria - Kindling (#Wattys2016)

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Rosanna Patruno By RosannaPatruno Updated Nov 30, 2017

{Book 1 in the Podestaria Serie}

Virginia has always been a wizard with numbers: she's in charge of her mother's tea house accountancy, and her life dream is to graduate in Economy and Management. A project that seemed at her fingertips until the day a temporary teacher arrived and ruined her string of good grades, only because Virginia has some - useless, in her humble opinion - magical powers.
Luckily, she has the help of IConti_NonTornano314 who, like a knight in shining armour, comes to save the day through a chat and a forum. Then one day he offers to tutor her, one to one. 
Who's behind this username, a chubbly, pimply, bespectacled geek or ...?

"Pode-- what?"
"Magus, witch or any other common term to name someone listed on Haltey's Register: Podestarius - or Podestaria in the feminine - is the most correct term."

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JCKang JCKang Feb 29, 2016
Wow, that is a graphic opening!  I'm immediately intrigued by the ceremony,  and a little grossed out :)
icytundra icytundra Jun 20, 2016
Build should be "built" here. I like how you capitalized 'Time'. Interesting :)
elveloy elveloy Feb 14, 2016
A strong start - and I liked the description of the sisters.   I can see them :)
MrsCosmopilite MrsCosmopilite Jan 20, 2016
Maybe just "made him feel"  - it's shorter and punchier; given the importance of this statement for his story, the added emphasis would be nice.
MrsCosmopilite MrsCosmopilite Jan 20, 2016
For the sake of flow, I'd switch this to "he had not fully understood the meaning of their words until many years later" or "it would be many years until he fully understood their words."
MrsCosmopilite MrsCosmopilite Jan 20, 2016
I had a hard time following this.  Is the youngest standing in the passage?