Married to the Bidder

Married to the Bidder

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Anna Yu By dearhearty Completed

Isabelle  Bleiken was only there for a job, and it was just another day when suddenly a group of men kidnapped her. She doesn't know what she was gonna do until she woke up in an unfamiliar surroundings so when the blindfolds were removed and she opened her eyes. It was a nightmare, she was in an...


Different random men were bidding on her...thousands turns into millions. She didn't know what to do when suddenly one guy bought her for 50 million dollars. 

And that guy is the only Rafael Knight. The cold and cunning billionaire who doesn't know how to be kind to someone.  Even just hearing his name makes her nervous. But he didn't only bought her for her to be his slave. He needs something from her...more than a slave could ever give.

Rafael needs her help and Isabelle's timing is perfect. She needs his help as well.  Then she has no choice but to accept it. 

What does he wants to do? 

˝I bought you to be my wife."

He needs a wife to prove to his Father and his whole family that he deserves his family's company more than his older brother deserves it. 

But that was not the only reason why he needs a wife.

Belle has one problem...

How can you turn down a hot billionaire like him?

*Married to the Bidder is finally complete*

perfection1726 perfection1726 Sep 25, 2016
Nice plot, amazing description just need to work on the grammar a but
TanyshaLewis TanyshaLewis Sep 02, 2016
Was this book written by a fourth grader are what? Its poorly written
ObsessedFanLol ObsessedFanLol Nov 03, 2016
Just curious, why do you but the dollar sign after the numbers? It's always dollar sign then numbers... $1000
nightcore235 nightcore235 Aug 31, 2016
This is similar to an otome game Ii played ( visual dating sim)
ObsessedFanLol ObsessedFanLol Nov 03, 2016
Finds out* I would recommend you getting an editor for this book. There are quite a number of grammatical errors...
deleiryum deleiryum Oct 03, 2016
6/10 equals 60%, and 60%+4% definitely doesn't equal 100%..........