Daddy James

Daddy James

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Alinna By I-Luv-Rashi Updated Mar 10, 2017

Sarah was thirteen when her mother married a notorious man, James Anderson, for the sake of saving her pride, which was at stake when a media person found out her darkest secret.

Sarah hid away from her troubled family in a hostel for five years. Finally, on the day of her eighteenth birthday, she decides to return home.

She is all set to introduce the love of her life, Daniel, to her family, but her step father has something else planned for her. 

Sparks will fly when two different vendettas of a psychologically scarred Sarah and Revenge hungry James clash!

Writer : I-Luv-Rashi @ Alinna

Editors : ifyouwereapotato, natuhre & sixthg

Cover by : XoXo_b

  • betrayal
  • conspiracies
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  • deception
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user11489130 user11489130 Oct 09, 2017
So would mine ^^ I literally was sitting next to my boyfriend and we got scolded 😂 if only he knew 😂
lythicalroses lythicalroses Mar 02, 2017
I don't know why danial is still alive if I was James I would've been chucked him out the glass window for trying to rape my daughter
sugarbaby2869 sugarbaby2869 Apr 13, 2016
James I know your frustrated about daniel's drugging your daughter and impregnated a girl who had committed suicide over loosing daniel. He deserves fifty years in prison but got a slap on the wrist and wss out in no time to another victim to try an fet money from there home and safe.
- - Feb 22, 2016
N 1 thing more....
                              Our writer likes I-phone6 more den S-6... lol
deepakburnsall deepakburnsall Oct 22, 2015
omg loved d first part rashi! at first i thought james really loves his daughter and that douchebag daniel is such a bastard! but in the end of first part real shocker comes! it is a game for james
I-Luv-Rashi I-Luv-Rashi Jul 28, 2015
Thanks to all of you for such lovely response to my book! :))