Jungle (GxG)(Lesbian Story)

Jungle (GxG)(Lesbian Story)

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Maxim "The Nox" Nightingale, also known as Noxious is a competitive, untroubled and energetic fighter of the Ultimate Fighting Championship(UFC). Since her debut, just a year ago, she has shown all of her competitors and watchers of the UFC why she is one the best mixed martial arts fighters in the country of America. She travels the world to fight other competitors and maintain her winning streak. Even though, there's countless hours of training Maxim finds time to go out and party. There's hardly a night that Maxim isn't out clubbing or hanging out with a group of A-List celebrities. 

Lavender Forrester is a normal girl, despite her name, and she has somewhat normal friends. Nearly every day she works at a coffee shop downtown. Day in and day out, she serves rude customers who can't look up from their tablets, cell phones, or newspapers for a second to say "Thank you" once she delivers their items. Lavender is known be shy by most of her friends, but she still has undeniable sex appeal. Even with her shyness, she can turn nearly any man or woman on, and make them do anything she asks. Though she doesn't like to use her sex appeal, sometimes it's nearly damn necessary. Every other night, she likes to unwind at a club or two with her very few friends. Lavender has no idea what she wants to do with her life. She's actually pretty lost in New York City. Her friends, drugs, alcohol, and the frequent endeavors with both men and women are the only things that keeps her going. She's lost in what seems like a jungle, can Maxim help her gain some sense of purpose?

Inspired by the song "Jungle" by Jon Bellion.

How you get her fired tho? How you stand up for her? This connection happened too fast!
sixela017 sixela017 May 31
Honey.. I once for $400 & that was just for 2 days of working
First time I read this I found out about Lynn. Search her up found out about Pvris and been a huge fan since.
                              Second time reading and there 2nd album just dropped
Yes I did I couldn't stop laughing, in my head the vine kept replying
tomhoIIands tomhoIIands Jun 25
I really love Lynn, that's the reason brought me here but i'm liking this really bad 😹💙
poopieNic poopieNic May 13
Bruhhh i didnt know talking about someone can give u orgasm 😅💦