Red Haired Beauty (wattys2016)

Red Haired Beauty (wattys2016)

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Wolf and Phoenix By wolfandphoenix Updated Aug 17, 2016

" You would refuse something that you cannot afford and was graciously bought for you?" The man asked clearly annoyed at her refusal of his kindness.

" I may not have money to afford such delicacies but I am not a charity case, nor will I accept things from such a brutal man." She spoke to him with assertiveness in her words. The man chuckled with annoyance at the woman before him.

" I see, well I apologise for any offence in which I have given you. But I do not believe you are in a position to refuse such a gift." He said gaining in anger as he watch the woman stand her ground against him. He dismissed the comment about him being brutal as he continued to stare at the woman in front of him.

" I excuse you, sir. But you have no idea on my position in life. Now, as I said. I thank you for the thought but I cannot accept."


Grace lived a hard life, having to look after her ill mother and work to continued to put food in their bellies. One trip to the market changes her life completely with a fateful meeting of John Bellstone, the owner of the small town which Grace resides on the outskirts of. 

Follow Grace in her journey through pain and love as she goes through life very own trails.

Highest rank In Historical Fiction - #4

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He BEATS a man for asking for money, the somehow turns generous and PAYS for a girl.yeah he wants something you can not be mean one  moment the nice the next.
20SpanksADay 20SpanksADay Apr 19, 2016
Oh dear God. Why's the guy so rich and flashy while his townspeople poor and badly dressed?
SylviaAlaniz SylviaAlaniz Nov 18, 2016
You have not updated since August. Will you finish your book or not. I find it interesting and would like to read but only if you plan to finishit.
percyandannabeth154 percyandannabeth154 Aug 29, 2016
What he look like because I can but think he is a fat old man
20SpanksADay 20SpanksADay Apr 19, 2016
Did we want to know? Nah, hun. So shut up and bugger off. 😒
ZainabMohamed4 ZainabMohamed4 Jul 13, 2016
He's about to hit her wtf!! This is historical fiction I understand but I shudder at the thought that he could her possible lover in the future. Dafuq is good character anymore?!