everlasting love ❥ damon Salvatore

everlasting love ❥ damon Salvatore

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mads By i_love_dylan22 Updated Aug 25, 2016

madison gilbert; elena eilbert's older sister and the only thing she really wants is an everlasting love but this is high school so let's get back to reality. Madison's life took a twisted turn when her parents died in a car that went over wickery bridge.elena and madison were unfortunately the only survivors of the crash. 

then madison meets the infamous damon salvatore and nothing seems to be what it was before. will Elena be the only one falling for a salvatore or does madison fall for damon's charm? 

I only own madison gilbert (and not damon unfortunately)  the first page will explain mostly everything ! enjoy 

|season 1-?| 

-started the book around december 30th 2015
-editing as of january 2017

My mom wouldn't let me stay home from school even if I was dying 😒
This chapter was so long I thought I was already on chapter 4
2ArchAngels 2ArchAngels Aug 10
Ok on a scale of cute to hot Damon is his own category and it's so high above hot that it breaks the sun
i hate twilight. my mom made me watch the movies and literally the only character i liked was carlisle  you can imagine my tears before the plot twist in the last movie.
danceyboo45 danceyboo45 Jul 04
Well there's cute but then there's Damon... and he's hot, a sex god, handsome, hot, hot, hot... Did I mention that he's hot?
Lucky for you Bonnie, Enzo plays the guitar ❤❤❤❤❤❤