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Falling For The Fox (Foxy x Reader FNaF)

Falling For The Fox (Foxy x Reader FNaF)

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Just A Little Toxic By ToxicRory Updated Oct 06, 2016

Hello? Hello Hello?
Oh hi, I wanted to recorded this message for you....

So you're the new security guard? Oh the animatronics shouldn't be a problem, unless you see them at your doors that is...
But when you meet Foxy the pirate...Well let's just say you better be afraid


Random kid 1: *rips open shirt to show fake tattoo of foxy* I LOVE YOU!
                              Random kid 2: ugh shush plz 
                              Everyone: *Le gasp* HE SAID A NAUGHTY WORD!!
Mum: *looks at me on disgust* ugh why me
                              Me: lol your fault *shines laser beam in her face*
                              Mum: *screeches*
MyR0ss MyR0ss 6 days ago
YA HEAR THAT STUPID BITCHES? Foxy no want his lassie to poop on the floor.. Or anywhere except his robotic mouth hole ;)
Write this on a calculator and flip it upside down: 37047734
Mom: HONEY!!!
                              Me: Ya!
                              Mom: I'M GETTING YOU MARRIED!
                              Me: WHAT?! * Trys to get out of bed, but ends up falling off the bed *
                              Mom: Everything okay?
                              Me: YA! TOTALY FINE!!! NOT!!! * Mumbles * Stupid...
                              Mom: I HEARD THAT!!!
                              Me: NO YOU DIDN'T!
And logic isn't something I know either!! You are my new spirit animal