The Paths of Sin and Redemption

The Paths of Sin and Redemption

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Shades365 By Shades365 Updated Jan 13

Shunned by demons and mortals alike, a hanyou--a half-breed named Silver--has to fight to survive his entire life. But when he is forcefully mated to his enemy, the Demon Lord Mephiles, the hanyou's life takes a turn for the worst when he finds out he's carrying the monster's offspring. But, how will Mephiles react when Silver's true heritage is discovered?

Story cover: (c) AimyNeko from DeviantArt

Story: (c) Shades5eva [me] and four-flames [co-writer] from DeviantArt

  • angst
  • comfort
  • hurt
  • manic
  • mephiles
  • mpreg
  • silver
  • sonadow
Bluereddino Bluereddino Aug 06, 2017
I'm re-reading the whole story and omg it's still sooooo beautiful! It's even more emotional on the second read!
Bluereddino Bluereddino Nov 01, 2017
He's physically hurt, I'm mentally hurt. 
                              My insides are contracting.
andreadelosreyes09 andreadelosreyes09 Apr 12, 2017
I love this book!!!! It's so detailed and you can understand everything so easily. Congrats on your book @Shades365.
SonikkuShadikkuFan SonikkuShadikkuFan Jan 06, 2017
That's a cute crack ship ^-^
                              I do really enjoy your book, its very well detailed and written.
TheRealPoke TheRealPoke Jan 27, 2017
Uhh I have a bad feeling about the last sentence there.
                              And really great detailed book! It's so smooth to read and really interesting as well :D
                              You're really talented and damn I can only guess how long it took you to write that much 😂 be prouddddd