The Paths of Sin and Redemption

The Paths of Sin and Redemption

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Shades365 By Shades365 Updated 7 days ago

Shunned by demons and mortals alike, a hanyou--a half-breed named Silver--has to fight to survive his entire life. But when he is forcefully mated to his enemy, the Demon Lord Mephiles, the hanyou's life takes a turn for the worst when he finds out he's carrying the monster's offspring. But, how will Mephiles react when Silver's true heritage is discovered?

Story cover: (c) AimyNeko from DeviantArt

Story: (c) Shades5eva [me] and four-flames [co-writer] from DeviantArt

That's a cute crack ship ^-^
                              I do really enjoy your book, its very well detailed and written.
TheRealPoke TheRealPoke Jan 27
Uhh I have a bad feeling about the last sentence there.
                              And really great detailed book! It's so smooth to read and really interesting as well :D
                              You're really talented and damn I can only guess how long it took you to write that much 😂 be prouddddd