Vandalism !! h.s. ✓

Vandalism !! h.s. ✓

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"You promised you'd change for me."

"Well, angel, people like me have a hard time keeping promises."
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Trislene16 Trislene16 Jan 17
Well he has a tendency to leave without an warning, so u better hurry up.
ambssy ambssy Jan 18
i feel sick showering in really hot water, winter i shower in warm and summer i shower cold
harry_is_daddy_ harry_is_daddy_ a day ago
I mean I love you zaynie poo but... Henry is my Daddy sooooo
What do you mean " a guy like Niall"? You just met him. Maybe he's terrible, you don't know!!!
I like my showers hot in the winter and cool in the summer. Basically the colder it outside the hotter the shower is and vise versa
moodygals moodygals Jan 14
people going "please let it be college" lmao obviously it is...