The Lord Alpha's Experiment

The Lord Alpha's Experiment

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Natchie By Natchie9 Updated Dec 08, 2014

It's not easy being a teenager moving from foster family to foster family trying to fit in, be normal, but Lilly had survived almost 18 years of it with her best friend Alex until she was kidnapped on New Year's Eve by a demented scientist wanting to create a new superior bread of werewolf. Lilly manages to escape with Alex's help but not before she's been altered.  In a world where the werewolf population is purely male, Lilly is now the only living FEMALE werewolf.

--------------on hold for the moment while another story is being worked on; see "Prison Mates"-------------


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ArkansasDragon ArkansasDragon Feb 18, 2016
They wanted to create bread made of werewolf? Nasty piece of work, aye.
00crossfire 00crossfire Nov 11, 2015
"I'm going to, take, care of you"
                              Last time I heard that it was in an ominous way.
00crossfire 00crossfire Nov 11, 2015
Wheres the armor?
                              Should be called knights in black fur. ▲-▲
00crossfire 00crossfire Nov 11, 2015
Is it bad that I imagine the scenes of these sort of things?
00crossfire 00crossfire Nov 11, 2015
                              This book has all the captive themes going on xD
00crossfire 00crossfire Nov 11, 2015
                              Horrific tools.
                              I don't think there for opening cans or fixing car....