Summertime Sadness » Drarry

Summertime Sadness » Drarry

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victoria By evvans Updated Dec 02, 2016

Harry is abused physically, verbally, mentally, you name it. A broken boy is forced to be a hero in a world he never even knew existed, and it's doing his head in. After a horrific beating from Uncle Vernon, Harry feels lonelier than ever. He calls out for the only person who might be able to help him get away from his home. A loyal hose elf takes him and throws him into the biggest adventure yet.



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Slytherin-Trashcan Slytherin-Trashcan Oct 12, 2017
Yeah. This author just gained a follower and a really enthusiastic reader.
FU_ImInsane FU_ImInsane Sep 04, 2017
Often times, when your mind is deprived of something, sleep for example, it is the smartest, trying to figure out how to get what it needs. Most people can redirect that burst of brain power into other things.
GemRockerZane GemRockerZane 5 days ago
Dudders... He never got to tell Harry he Didn't think he was a waste of space did he?
Slytherin-Trashcan Slytherin-Trashcan Oct 12, 2017
Okay let's all be honest with our self if Dudley hasn't said that 1 line in the beginning of the deathly Hallows we would still hate him.
BlankPagesToBeFilled BlankPagesToBeFilled Sep 29, 2017
Wow, if the description wasn't enough to hook me in then the first paragraph definitely is. I love the immediate use of pain and sadness, you can instantly know that Harry is miserable.
TurnTwoPage394 TurnTwoPage394 Dec 29, 2017
I know this sounds morbid but what shade of purple was it btw great first paragraph