Summertime Sadness » Drarry

Summertime Sadness » Drarry

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Harry is abused physically, verbally, mentally, you name it. A broken boy is forced to be a hero in a world he never even knew existed, and it's doing his head in. After a horrific beating from Uncle Vernon, Harry feels lonelier than ever. He calls out for the only person who might be able to help him get away from his home. A loyal hose elf takes him and throws him into the biggest adventure yet.



Sorry, but can I just mention how on the cover Harry looks like he could care less that malfoy is shoving his crotch in his face? Am I the only one bother by that? Yeah? OK then I'll just go....
But he wouldn't die would he. He would just get his soul sucked out.
Luci-Eva Luci-Eva Nov 01
If they don't why would they look at the cover and think. "This will not have gay relationships in this book"
I read this, and I thought,
                              "I love the way this makes me angry."
                              And then a song cam on the radio like,
                              "I LOOOVE THE WAY YOU HUUUURT MEEEE"
pinkyuni pinkyuni Jan 26
In the book he says to Harry that he didn't think he was a waste of space. But in the movie they left that out.
Maddrae Maddrae Jan 24
Dudley was starting to change though! Not that I liked him, but he would become a good person in Deathly Hallows!