Summertime Sadness » Drarry

Summertime Sadness » Drarry

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victoria By evvans Updated Dec 02, 2016

Harry is abused physically, verbally, mentally, you name it. A broken boy is forced to be a hero in a world he never even knew existed, and it's doing his head in. After a horrific beating from Uncle Vernon, Harry feels lonelier than ever. He calls out for the only person who might be able to help him get away from his home. A loyal hose elf takes him and throws him into the biggest adventure yet.



SalazarGryffindor SalazarGryffindor Feb 20, 2016
Sorry, but can I just mention how on the cover Harry looks like he could care less that malfoy is shoving his crotch in his face? Am I the only one bother by that? Yeah? OK then I'll just go....
TheMagicBorderCollie TheMagicBorderCollie Oct 08, 2016
But he wouldn't die would he. He would just get his soul sucked out.
Luci-Eva Luci-Eva Nov 01, 2016
If they don't why would they look at the cover and think. "This will not have gay relationships in this book"
Neptuna_Vegas Neptuna_Vegas Jan 28, 2016
I read this, and I thought,
                              "I love the way this makes me angry."
                              And then a song cam on the radio like,
                              "I LOOOVE THE WAY YOU HUUUURT MEEEE"
Whisks-are-satan Whisks-are-satan Dec 03, 2016
Omg when he yelled Dinkey I thought that Dudley didn't side but instead was living in the Malloy house as a servent.
pinkyuni pinkyuni Jan 26, 2016
In the book he says to Harry that he didn't think he was a waste of space. But in the movie they left that out.