My Werewolf {PruCan}

My Werewolf {PruCan}

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hetalian_pasta By hetalian_pasta Completed

A camping trip goes wrong, and then, secrets unravel.

Gilbert and his younger brother Ludwig decide to go camping with Roderich to relax and have a well deserved break before classes begin.

During the night, wolves prowl. Howls are heard, and rogues strike fear in the men.

Matthew, Feliciano, and Elizabeta are on patrol that night, so them sensing a disturbance near their pack border, they rush to the rescue, but they become separated in the attack.

Matthew finds his mate, and so do the others, coincidentally. He then has a chance to become closer to his mate when he discovers that they go to the same university. 

Will Matthew get a happy ending, or will he be rejected? 

-----This story is inspired by Forever My Hero {UsUk} by Iggyscones, well, the topic anyways, so I don't know how this story will play out, and if it's a success, I will turn it into a series. Hope you enjoy this =]-----

BriarThorns BriarThorns Jul 19, 2016
Little did Gilbert know that he was right anout werewolfs. . . .
TrinityAR TrinityAR Dec 13, 2016
Yo, not to be rude or anything but please don't use bipolar as a joke. I understand that a lot of people use it as a joke but it's a serious mental illness. I'm just trying to minimize the use of it as a joke, thank you.
Crush_My_Heart Crush_My_Heart Sep 30, 2016
So now Uncle Mattie, Feli, and Lisa are wolfs........ This might get very interesting :3
TrinityAR TrinityAR Dec 13, 2016
Even running for dear life, Gil still manages to include the word awesome in his sentence.
senpai_drawings senpai_drawings Oct 14, 2016
Canada:Broski help me out eh? 
                              America: sure thing I'm the hero after all
senpai_drawings senpai_drawings Oct 14, 2016
Canada: *blushs for hiding secret*
                              Prussia:  *looks a at canada with a smug smirk*