My God Yato [Noragami fan-fic] DISCONTINUED

My God Yato [Noragami fan-fic] DISCONTINUED

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Becca By Becca-Baka Completed

You were dazing outside the classroom's window finding a huge monster. A guy in his jersey defeated it and made you his partner. As your journey goes on, you meet new people!

But what?! How did this happened?!?



this is so cringy wrote this when i was around 12...

AkiiReads AkiiReads Sep 04, 2016
Why thank you! I know I have nice silver and lovely green eyes and has small boobs that don't even fit in a training bra and is short
Depressed_One Depressed_One Dec 29, 2016
*closes book* and that's how I met your father my little ones. Since he's not seen I basically had sex with air
shortbeauty14 shortbeauty14 5 days ago
YATO!!!!!! U sick perverted God!!!! And then u say it's only yukine?!?!
NiLanyaFics NiLanyaFics Dec 04, 2016
I wasn't running. I was walking at a snail's speed cuz I was too lazy. Actually I wasn't even walking I was rolling down the stairs and everywhere around there and I was just like "yee"
Semellymau Semellymau Jan 23
Buh - bye sensai! I'm going to help a person that's invisible to you!