My God Yato [Noragami fan-fic] DISCONTINUED

My God Yato [Noragami fan-fic] DISCONTINUED

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:)) By beccaa_b Completed

You were dazing outside the classroom's window finding a huge mysterious monster. Next thing you know, you stand in front of a guy in his worn out jersey with his sword. Suddenly he makes you his partner?! As your journey goes on, you fall for him more... 



Spelling/grammar mistakes you have been warned!

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MizuJaeger MizuJaeger May 06
No I'm the rolling girl the one that was rolling all around the school :3 I love that song doe X3 rolling girl by Hatsune Miku X3
                              The store always convinces me to buy more than necessary
MizuJaeger MizuJaeger May 06
Says the guy that has Kofuku as his girlfriend already and Nora as his FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS-quoted Yato from Noragami
AkiiFanfictions AkiiFanfictions Sep 04, 2016
Why thank you! I know I have nice silver and lovely green eyes and has small boobs that don't even fit in a training bra and is short
Frxncis_Boonefxy Frxncis_Boonefxy Dec 29, 2016
*closes book* and that's how I met your father my little ones. Since he's not seen I basically had sex with air
YATO!!!!!! U sick perverted God!!!! And then u say it's only yukine?!?!