Senior Nurse Mentor

Senior Nurse Mentor

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InklingBooks By InklingBooks Updated Mar 17, 2015

If you're a nurse or have friends who're nurses, you know how difficult working as a hospital nurse can be. This book is based on my experiences when I worked alongside nurses caring children with leukemia at one of the nation's top-ten children's hospitals.

I worked on the very Hem-Onc unit featured in the YouTube video "Stronger" that you'll find if you search Youtube for "Seattle Childrens Hospital." I spent many hundreds of hours walking the halls and into the rooms you see in that video. If you're interested in what that was like, I've written about it in an already published book, My Nights with Leukemia. I've also written a book called Hospital Gowns and Other Embarrassments about when I worked on the teen unit.

Needless to say, the work was very stressful, so I'm now writing a book suggesting that much of the stress that hospital nurses experience could be reduced by have a new type of nurse, a Senior Nurse Mentor, that'd be a giant step beyond what today's nurse mentors do. She'd need to be experienced, hence the "senior" in the description. She'd be involved in encouraging and teaching nurses. She's also operate independently of the nursing administration, reporting directly to the hospital's chief executive. That's what makes the position distinctive. Taken seriously, the book could make a major difference hospital nursing.

The book is almost complete, but there's still time to include any feedback you might make, so feel free to comment. The publishing is already lined up. It'll be available as an inexpensive paperback and for free in digital format to get its message out to the widest possible audience.