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❝I hate dancing with all my heart.❞

❝I hate dancing, too.❞

❝At least we have something in common.❞

Two completely different people collide because fate wants them to. Two completely different people intertwine, not realizing how much they'll struggle on their journey. Two hearts in two separate bodies, but they beat as one.

They never thought they would be tied together in such a merciless, rough, and enticing way. 

With Melody being a ballerina, she thinks lying is the best option to get closer to him. 

So, let the lies begin.

This is a captivating story about learning the truth the hard way. This is a story about challenging your instincts. This is about love, betrayal, hatred and loyalty that sweeps you off your feet, and makes you question your sanity.


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antizain antizain Apr 18, 2016
Barbara palvin is so sweet in real life I'm not ready dkdjdn
--Paperdoll --Paperdoll Jan 20, 2016
Omg I already know I will be frustrated and anxious because of this lol
slayerstyles slayerstyles Apr 14, 2015
@alwayslovemalik Oooh my god,i love hearing feedbacks from you! !WE SHOULD  BE FRIENDS CUZ YOU'RE SO NICE &SWEET
biebersmalik biebersmalik Apr 14, 2015
Im so excited for this story
                              Youre such an amazing writer!