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R. T. II By RTII385 Completed

This is an unconventional work of fiction. Anything you may read in the following episodes is solely created out of sheer satirical coincidence and is NOT to be taken out of ANY context OTHER than it being RIDICULOUSLY entertaining as ALL get out! You've been graciously warned.

THE|MULTIVERSE [2nd Edition]

"In the multiverse, nobody's safe. Everyone's a target."
Elected by the Aeons, Ricven McQueen and the multiversers unite against the untold forces of evil-and other outrageous foes-as they struggle to defend the balance across the multiverse. Easier said than done, but hey, the challenge is highly accepted!
Prepare to cast all logic into the voids, for this isn't your typical sci-fi/fantasy gig.

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ProxyInc ProxyInc Aug 19, 2017
I feel a slight southern accent being set on display with that "lordy, lordy."
                              I do say, I like how easy it is to get a feel for his mannerisms and quirks.
ProxyInc ProxyInc Aug 19, 2017
Is there a word missing between "pretty" and "like" cause I feel like there should a 'hard' somewhere in there.
                              Also, nice expressive language. Really gives the reader a kick in the teeth and who doesn't need a good kick in the teeth?
jjeweled jjeweled Aug 30, 2017
You definitely get a really good feel for this character right off the bat. Great start!
RTII385 RTII385 Aug 19, 2017
While I see that would also be a crude addition to that analogy of his, he meant 'Railed pretty'. Ricven has an...unorthodox manner of speaking. :D
                              Good eye!
HeatherWittmer HeatherWittmer Jul 19, 2017
Love this!  The first thing that came to mind was the Butterfly Effect, but much more eloquent.  "A magnificent blueprint of endless possibilities."  Words....they excite me.
JodieLanez JodieLanez Jan 20, 2017
This intro was phenomenal. Great tone, impeccable characterization and very stylistic. 😍😍😍😫😍😍