Bad Boy Heath

Bad Boy Heath

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ximone mareigh 🙅🏽 By Ximone Updated Dec 21, 2015

His dark voice ripples its way in my ears.
Says the man who never behaves. I know I'll always regret the words I let slip past my lips.
"Make me."

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Detoxing Detoxing Nov 25, 2016
"Okay, now we gonna have to fight! I wish it wasn't this way but...square up" is what she needs to say.
Chloboedolphin Chloboedolphin Sep 02, 2016
Everyone saying about another book so do I have to go and read it before to make sense???? 😖😃
XxMoneeXx XxMoneeXx Nov 28, 2016
I Need Her To Check Her Arms Or Shoulder For Her Bag Because....GYURL YA DON'T HAVE IT...*facepalms* (┯_┯)
facesarentablur facesarentablur Dec 29, 2016
literately everyone leaves their spare key there tho it wouldn't be hard to figure out
nozzzzzer nozzzzzer 6 days ago
I go to a boarding school (but it's different from the ones in like America) and my parents live like 4 hours away from me
Breesworld Breesworld Dec 24, 2016
Bïtch that's the most important part! Take the bag, jesus, it might suit you but gimme back the keys and phone!