Beautiful Psychopath [Kai Parker]

Beautiful Psychopath [Kai Parker]

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Alison Rain has been friends with Stefan, Caroline, Elena etc as long as everyone else. However she has been keeping a deadly secret, but will that secret be revealed as Malachai Parker turns up at the Salvatore doorstep? 

Other information you need to know before reading this story:
Alaric never compelled Elena (this takes place in season six), Alison had been sharing a room with Caroline and Elena at Whitmore college and Kai's past is changed slightly. This story may also contain spoilers for season six of the vampire diaries.

WarrKatstud231 WarrKatstud231 Oct 27, 2016
Why so many people downing Elena? Why watch the show if you can't stand one of the main stars? Elena's is just worried and upset, and everyone else would be the same way if they lost their friend in a supernatural demention.
stop hatin on elena geez, the real bitch is "ali bear" stuttering about a guy she doesnt even know, damn its not like damon said "hes coming after you" like what about poor bonnie
im_a_dark_princess im_a_dark_princess Jul 11, 2016
Can you translate that fanfiic to Greek please I don't understand and I love so much kai an I won't to read this fanfiction
indiatheoncer indiatheoncer Aug 16, 2016
I'm sorry, Petrova doppelganger, my beautiful sociopath is still in there. Insensitive much?
MadisonTidwell MadisonTidwell Jul 27, 2016
I love Elena in the show, but I never like her in the books I read!
Tiffany152 Tiffany152 May 10, 2016
Elena is such a bitch in most of these stories sometimes. I already don't like her in the show.