Rich Kid in Disguise

Rich Kid in Disguise

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» lyana « By Cutelyara Updated Mar 23

"Can you keep a secret?"

In the world of business, a single mistake could destroy everything.

That's what it meant for the Hale and Ford bloodline.

And Penelope Hale is sick of it.

Remaking herself with a new identity, she escapes reality towards the land she never dreamed to be stepping, the city that never sleeps.

Little did she know, a grand welcome was awaiting from the New York prince himself.

Are you willing to take the mask?


Copyright© Cutelyara, 2015
All Rights Reserved
Cover made by @alleymcallister
Ranked #363 in Teen Fiction, 6/25/16

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jamless_r jamless_r Sep 10, 2017
We used to have one too...but since everyone is busy with their phones we took it away yesterday 😂
_LaRusse_ _LaRusse_ Jul 08, 2016
Not too sure about this sentence, shouldn't it be princess like lifestyle and I hadn't instead of I haven't
MagicalWriterWonder MagicalWriterWonder May 15, 2016
O.o a modern Romeo and Juliet with a twist. 😃😃
                              I'm gonna like this 🙌🙌🙌
VEPaige VEPaige Apr 14, 2016
I really like your summary! Even though it sounds like a modern-day Romeo and Juliet (based on the teaser), it immediately grabbed the reader's attention. I'm looking forward to reading this! :D
_LaRusse_ _LaRusse_ Jul 08, 2016
No with needed here (sorry I'm just such a story nazi, tell me to stfu if you hate this)
EdieLiddle EdieLiddle Jun 09, 2016
A good solid start to this story, I noted in the foreword that it would be unedited so I was prepared, I believe this could story could grab my attention further after editing. 
                              In your descriptions, try to show the reader rather than tell the reader what is there. 
                              Overall though a good start.