Kamisama Kiss (A Crow's Goddess)

Kamisama Kiss (A Crow's Goddess)

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We know Nanami Momozono, but what she had an older twin sister? And she was a goddess too? How will she affect Tomoe, Kurama, and Mizuki? Why does Kurama feel very protective of her?

Find out in A Crow's Goddess

A/N: I only own Melody, nothing else.

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StarsHopeDream StarsHopeDream Aug 16, 2017
Ok, so, you rented a small apartment with your sister, father and mother, and you are falling behind payments, but your mother just happens to have a katana and makes her seem like a crazy ninja mum. What do you do?
StarsHopeDream StarsHopeDream Aug 16, 2017
Ok, your mother takes you to The World Over Yonder. I thought mothers were supposed to look after their children...?
Lunar_Moon_Crystal Lunar_Moon_Crystal Sep 29, 2017
I'm okay with the animal part and music but Love and Lust???? Ew....i'm dying. Isn't the Goddess of Love is Aphrodite? And no one in the God world there will be a God of Lust!!!!
LavenderHeartRose LavenderHeartRose Nov 08, 2017
Photobucket won't let me see any of your pictures except the cover photo
ARMY_4lifeu ARMY_4lifeu Dec 01, 2017
I was so surprise I yelled what in my highest note meaning my mom is now holding her ear
Kyo-Chan12345 Kyo-Chan12345 Jun 18, 2017
Bruh, how does that work if they have the same parents. *sketchey* 🤔🤔🤔