Kamisama Kiss (A Crow's Goddess)

Kamisama Kiss (A Crow's Goddess)

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We know Nanami Momozono, but what she had an older twin sister? And she was a goddess too? How will she affect Tomoe, Kurama, and Mizuki? Why does Kurama feel very protective of her?

Find out in A Crow's Goddess

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Ok, so, you rented a small apartment with your sister, father and mother, and you are falling behind payments, but your mother just happens to have a katana and makes her seem like a crazy ninja mum. What do you do?
Ok, your mother takes you to The World Over Yonder. I thought mothers were supposed to look after their children...?
Bruh, how does that work if they have the same parents. *sketchey* 🤔🤔🤔
Dank-Beans Dank-Beans Apr 13
Not going to lie, I'm going to binge read this in one night.
Okay, wiki says that that her mom was ~KIND AND WARM~ so she also has katanas?!?!?😲😲😲
This is weird. I'll just continue reading, you know, um, to see how weird it is...??? Yeah... ok.