Marshall Lee X Reader

Marshall Lee X Reader

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Ginger_*Snap* By Shana-Beanz Completed

So.... This is kind of my first Reader insert sorry.... I'm doing it a bit differently. 

Well, sort of. 

I guess the reader will of course, come from our lame ass reality. 
The reader has heard of adventure time, but doesn't go telling them about it. 

Might think you're crazy. 
I dunno. I might. 

I'll see how this follows. 

I'll do my best to do Marshall. 

Anyway! Let's begin! Hope you like it! 

Okay, so I changed the cover to this because my drawing was the oringal and I changed it. Solo.....brought it back~

Im sorry....
                              Its nothing compared to sexy shadow!!!
CatOnYourBed CatOnYourBed 5 days ago
Every time I here the word troll I think of karkat and his buddos
Just to say, I loved the cover. You're an awesome artist! Also I don't know why I'm in a forest but awesome. I'm climbing all the trees.
Lmao 'Lost Boy' started to play when I started reading this xD
I died. I legit turned off my tablet and gave up on life because this is something I would actually say. *faceplants* *dies*
Ugh! I'm so dumb! You don't tell him, you take a picture and enjoy the view!