I'm the Alpha's Mate

I'm the Alpha's Mate

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Evangeline Farra is a normal eighteen year old werewolf, besides that she can speak with the Moon Goddess, a creature far beyond her realm. 
Ever since her parents discovered her gift when she was young, they kept a close eye on her. They could not let anyone find out about Evangeline's ability, so they forced her to hide it from everyone. 
After an attack on Evangeline's pack she is forced to live with her grandmother for safety, but what happens when she wanders onto the wrong packs land? What happens when she discovers she is the Alpha's mate?


(There is now a completed sequel to this story and a cleaned up/heavily edited Rewritten version, you can find both on my profile)
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RKueen RKueen Aug 01
OK, those abs have got to be fake, because they actually look GROSS
clawWriter clawWriter Aug 30
I don't know which one to read! Ugh!!! This one seems so much longer than the other one... okay, I'll just do: eenee, meenee, mynee, mo😂 (no idea how to write that)
raniedaze raniedaze Jul 14
"Look how she lights up the sky, Ma Belle Evangeline" - The Princess and the frog ❤
katerina_c katerina_c Aug 27
Why is it this one is in the top 10 of the werewolf section. When the edited version is in the 200's
Just visiting but I thought the title said "Estate" instead of "mate"
When you talk to your friends in a way you only understand XD and there just nodding there head ya, they should really learn the wolf ways XD