Badgirl and the badboy (Completed)

Badgirl and the badboy (Completed)

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perfection_xoxoxo By perfection_xoxoxo Completed

Leah is an average 17 year old girl, pretty, popular but a badass, she doesn't give a shit about anything but what no one knows is, she is an underground fighter


Leah summers is an underground fighter, she goes by the name Bullet, she goes by the name bullet because she is fast and powerful, she is small so she can man over around her opponents

her hair is black she has big brown doe eyes, when she fights she gets mistaken for an innocent teenage girl
people have heard a of her but no one from school does

what will happen when a new kid joins the gym, he's tall, buff and super sexy, his name is Jacob cloud
his arrogance pisses her off and the smirk on his face is nearly as intimidating as hers

there's hate, pain, loss and a little something

  • action
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  • fighting
  • heartbreak
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Fangirl_Shipper2005 Fangirl_Shipper2005 Oct 20, 2017
hahahahahahah shiiiiiiiittttttttt!!!!!!
                              there is smthg wrong with me... i swear...
Luvs_soccer13 Luvs_soccer13 Jun 27, 2017
First 'bad girl' I've ever heard say whatever when the teacher asks for something, i like that she actually listened
MyFanGirl02 MyFanGirl02 Dec 11, 2016
the comments are just everything... they are just... creative (or weird) but damn...
kayla_kimberli kayla_kimberli Jan 30, 2016
I thought she was going to spend the night at her friends house
We all know who it is.
                              Or maybe it'll be her dad
Nash_Addy Nash_Addy Mar 18, 2016
Grammar and spelling error.. Watch them out.. I'm distracted with it.