The avenge full job of percy Jackson

The avenge full job of percy Jackson

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Percy gets a job at stark tower, his job?
The assistant and body guard of tony stark
When the avengers move in they start to pry into his demigod life causing problems 

Percy is waiting for annabeth to finish Olympus so they can go to Rome but that has to wait
Loki is back and he's not going down without a prize or in his case 
That prize is
Perseus Jackson 

(Don't own percy Jackson or the avengers)

yourlandlord yourlandlord Aug 18, 2016
"don't die." M8, you know ur life is messed up when your mom tells you that
Daphne008 Daphne008 Oct 12, 2016
I love how they can use "don't die" and "be polite" in the same sentence and not be count as crazy
_AlphaRedEyes _AlphaRedEyes Mar 14, 2016
Am I the only one thinking about the types of looks he's getting cuz he just shouted tht in public
- - Mar 06, 2016
I would be creeped out if my mum said "don't die" before I went for a job interveiw
AnnabethFan26 AnnabethFan26 May 22, 2016
Percy: "Don't die." That would be good advice if the fates didn't freaking HATE ME and want to RUIN my LIFE
WorraVirtue WorraVirtue Dec 20, 2016
So many comments as soon as his mother speaks. I'm not sure if you're a really popular writer, or if everyone just loves Percy's mom.